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Home Projects That Can Play a Part in Your Wellness Regimen

Most of the time, we think of our homes as something we take care of. However, did you know your home can help take care of you? Read on as we explore some projects that can turn your home into an integral part of your wellness regimen. Say “Goodbye” to Wall-to-Wall Have you dreamed of […]

3 Things Every First-Time Investment Property Buyer Needs to Do

Photo via Pexels Written by Katie Conroy Buying your first investment property can be really exciting, which is why it’s also easy to get carried away. You need to be able to take a step back and think strategically if you want this to be the first of a successful property portfolio. There are countless […]

Holiday Season in Granbury

The holiday season is finally here! Granbury hosts plenty of events for all ages. There is something going on that will appeal to everyone and will get you in the holiday spirit in no time. Check out the events below! If you’re interested in any of the following events and would like some more information, […]

Personal Finance Hacks for Buying a Home

Written by George Miller Buying a house of your own is an exciting prospect and a goal that many Americans share, with most agreeing a house is part of the American dream. Making such a large investment can be daunting, however, especially if it’s your very first property purchase. Given the large sums of money […]

Spring Home Trends

With Spring finally arriving here in Texas, it’s time to update your house with the latest trends! From outdoor plants to new colored rugs, we’ve got all the spring home trends covered. Two words: Indoor. Plants. Studies have shown that having house plants actually reduces stress and anxiety, improves air quality, and presents calming effects. […]

Spring Cleaning

It is officially springtime, which means it’s about that time of year for the annual “spring cleaning!” That term can sound overwhelming, thinking about all the things that need to be done you’ve put off for an entire year. Don’t stress! Follow these helpful hints to get it done fast and pain free. Interior Make […]

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Selling your home does not need to be hard on you. That’s what real estate agencies are for! Let them take care of staging, marketing, contracts, and everything technical. You just focus on packing and getting ready for your move! Here are some tips to make the process easier on yourself in the long run. […]

Buyer Tips

Buying your first home is a huge step for anyone. The process can be long and requires a lot of planning. However, don’t let it become stressful! Here are 5 tips for buying a home to help you stay calm and collected so you can focus on the important parts… like decorating! Stick to your […]

Getaway to Granbury

Have you heard of the little lake town called Granbury? It’s a small, community-centered town located in the DFW area in Texas, and we at Briscoe are lucky enough to call it home! This gorgeous town has everything from entertainment, shopping, restaurants, nature trails, wineries, breweries, to of course, the lake! Here are our top […]

Celebrating the Holidays in Lake Granbury

Local Attractions The holiday season is now upon us and if you are fortunate to live in the Lake Granbury area, you know that there are amazing attractions to behold. For new residents, here are a list of the events you do not want to miss. Country Christmas “Night of Lights” parade in Historic Downtown […]