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Finding Out What Your Home Is Worth

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When you moved into your home, the housing market was most likely a different picture than it is today. Maybe now you can afford a home in a preferred location or with an expanded floor plan. Whatever your reason is for selling, you’ll want to get the absolute best bang for your buck.

What Should I Sell My Home For?

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what price to sell your home at. The main things a realtor will take into account are: Location, Size, Number of Bedrooms and Amenities. A home with a pool and large yard may sell for considerably more than one with more bedrooms. People in a hot climate tend to contemplate these type of things. On the flip side, a home with fancy amenities may not sell nearly as quickly as one at a fair price with larger rooms; even if the lot is small.

We see homes sell day in and day out here in Granbury, TX. Whether you have a luxury home or a lake front property- we can help you find that perfect price point for your home.